* Workouts are 3 times a week for a full month

* Suitable for Beginners

*Equipment needed: 

  1. one pair of dumbbells. I recommend 3-5 KGs each. You can find them on www.qooah.com OR amazon.com (keep in mind that you can always replace them with water bottles if they’re too heavy)
  2.  A Chair/Bench. You can use ones you have around the house but make sure they are sturdy enough to stand and lean on. 
  3. A Broom or stick


#LEAPmove is a 4 Week Home program that aims to progressively get you stronger and to ultimately help you move better. The program focuses on the human body's natural movement patterns: Push/Pull/Hinge/Squat/Carry, etc.. 

The better we are able to perform these movements, the fitter we will be to perform our daily tasks and activities with ease. The Leap of Hope Method believes that learning how to progressively add intensity is key. It was never about doing more but always about doing better.




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