*Workouts are 6 times a week (for a total of 4 weeks)

*Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced

* Equipment needed:

  1. 2 pairs of dumbbells. One light pair, one heavy pair. I recommend (3-5 KGs) for light & (6-10 KGs) for heavy, HOWEVER, you CAN and SHOULD get heavier if you have already established a certain level of strength in fitness. The heavier dumbbells should feel challenging.
  2.  A Chair/Bench. You can use ones you have around the house but make sure they are sturdy enough to stand and lean on. 
  3. Mini resistance bands (optional)


#LEAPstrong is a 4 Week Home program that aims to help you get stronger in your own home.

The program is diverse and includes a combination of different intensities and workout strategies focusing on the below:

2 days of BUILD:

A mixture of Strength and Endurance

2 days of FOCUS: 

Strength + Quality of Movement

1 day of BURN: 

High Intensity Internal Training


Mobility & Stretching




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