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Hello, my name is Amal and I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the people who trusted me to help them get stronger both physically and mentally. 

Feel free to scroll ​down to hear them out. 

I am forever grateful.

Thank you. 

As an Emirati woman, hearing “first female Emirati parkour coach” was so inspiring and cool that I had to train under her! And so in 2014 I took my first parkour class with Amal Murad. It was everything I hoped it would be - demanding, yet fun and creative. So I kept going back, week after week. Yes I was definitely getting stronger , but more importantly I was understanding the movements, understanding my body and the harmony between the two; and that’s what I loved about Amal! She would start EVERY class by explaining why, when and how to execute a movement to avoid injury, while still allowing us to experiment and have fun. I could always trust her to keep me safe yet constantly test my limits.


Since then I’ve been on and off parkour with different coaches from all around the world and I noticed they rarely do it like she does… or I don’t enjoy it as much without her... I thought it’s just her kind vibes and hella contagious smile , but later realized it’s much more than that - It’s the passion she has towards coaching. She is constantly learning and growing while teaching us and helping us grow! If anything, seeing her drive through her forearm fracture with such resilience left me in awe… only to be amplified by how she coped with training postpartum (when there wasn’t much to go on). It is a sign of great physical, but more importantly mental strength which is a must in every skilled trainer. Not only that, but she went on to study postpartum training and designed this whole program dedicated to explaining how to deal with postpartum changes with such clarity and honesty which may otherwise have been considered “taboo”.


She is creating a much needed safe space for women to openly share challenges they face and help them properly and safely transition into training postpartum, and I think that is amazingly wholesome.


So to me Amal isn’t “the first Emirati parkour coach” anymore, she is, simply put “the greatest parkour coach” hands down. And even though she always preaches how no trainer has “the whole package” in my eyes she’s got it ALL <3


Noura AlHashimi

Training with Amal is an experience I wouldn’t change for the world.

In merely just a few sessions, I felt my body become stronger. I also felt so much more confident in my own skin.


Amal has not only helped teaching me how to build my strength, but she is also incredibly supportive, and believes that training is not about achieving the “Instagram body,” but rather about making sure my body is in the best state that it can be. She is optimistic, supportive, skilled, and an amazing coach.



Mariam Al Shaer

I never imagined I would be able to practice parkour in my entire life, but Amal made that possible. Sometimes it brings me to tears (no joke) I can’t express how grateful I am to her. The discipline and passion she puts in her practice shows. I really enjoy her classes and her presence as a coach. She’s kind, funny and strict but most importantly

she distills a sense of confidence and empowerment in you which to me I believe is the most vital aspect any coach can give/ teach you in any field.


Shamma Bin Masoud

I consider Amal one of the best coaches that I’ve come across because she always finds ways to push me to give my best and she constantly takes me out of my comfort zone.

She has become more than a trainer; I truly consider her a sister and friend.

She taught me to love sports, specifically parkour. 

I learned a lot and still learning from the best.

She is my role model in sports and my guiding light for making me who I am today.

Having her as my coach helped me realize what I need to do to be successful not only in sports but also in life.

I’m truly thankful for her great efforts!


Reem AlMusaiebi

I trained with Amal after 4 months postpartum, and the things I learned were amazing.

She slowly taught me how to trust my body again and to use/strength it to help with my daily challenges.

Something I admired about her technique in training is to take my time and not rush the process. Some days my body wasn’t ready, and she didn’t hesitate to accommodate the routine.

Shehlaa Ali

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